My First Data Warehouse: Intro

DEAR READER: I want to make you aware this blog series is intended to share my journey mistakes and all, to creating my first data warehouse.

I have been wanting to create a data warehouse at my company for several years. I have made progress here and there. Some table design, some SSIS packages but I’ve never been able to get a data warehouse setup in Production. I had failed to complete the most important step; I didn’t have an internal advocate. This time was different! We had hired someone new at the company that was used to performing data analytics and creating visualization.

We needed to analyze both data that did and did not exist in our systems. When I first started this project, the goal was to get data imported in the shortest amount time possible. Due to the time constraint, I was asked to import the data without any transformations. For the readers that have been on a journey like this before, I think you’ll know where this story is headed.

Even though the data was in the database, it wasn’t easy to analyze. It was at this point that I realized I made a couple of beginner mistakes. There were some key design elements that needed to be completely redone. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll go over what I learned and how I fixed things.

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