Deploy Database Projects Manually

Earlier in this series, I showed you how to create a Database Project using Azure Data Studio (ADS) and how to add a Database Project to GitHub. Getting a database project setup and into source control is often the beginning. I’ve found one of the hardest things to do is to keep your database in source control. This is often because it hard to keep using source control when you don’t have a way to deploy your changes.

This week, we’ll talk about one of the easier ways to deploy your database changes. One of the benefits of database projects is that they can generate data-tier applications (DAC). The data-tier applications can be bundled into what is called a DACPAC. This is a collection of files that can be used to deploy your database.

DACPACs are definitely not the only way to deploy your database. However, they are one of the main ways to deploy database projects. If you’re using to running a series of script files for your deployments, this is going to be a bit different. When deploying database projects, the database project becomes the source of truth. Generally speaking, whatever is in the database project will be deployed to the SQL Server instance.

If you’re like to figure out how you can manually deploy your database projects, you can check out the video below. If you’re looking for a more automated method to deploy database code, check back over the next couple of weeks where I’ll start showing you how you can use Azure DevOps to build and deploy your database code.

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