Add Database Project to GitHub

Two weeks ago, I showed you how to create a Database Project using Azure Data Studio (ADS). If you’re starting your database journey with source control and/or Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CICD), that’s the first step you’ll need to complete. However, getting a database project created is just the beginning!

Once you have the database project created, you’ll want to get your database project added to source control so that you (and others) can modify and manage your database code. This next step is the beginning of allowing you and others to work on the same databases and minimize the risk of overwriting someone else’s work or deploying the wrong code to Production.

This week’s YouTube video will show you how you can get your database project to GitHub. If you’re using Azure DevOps, the process should be similar.

YouTube video showing how to add a database project to GitHub

Keep following this blog, and I walk through how to setup a process to automatically build and deploy your database code.

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