T-SQL Tuesday #133 – Filling in the Gaps

T-SQL Tuesday Logo - A blue database with a calendar showing days of the week wrapped artfully around the database.

I’m so glad Lisa Bohm (b|t) is hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday. I’m also thankful to Steve Jones for hosting T-SQL Tuesday and helping hosts share their ideas with the SQL community. I also want to thank Adam Machanic for starting T-SQL Tuesday as a blog party. I know I often have a difficult time coming up with topics, and it helps to be provided a topic.

Let’s get back to this month. Lisa says, “I’d like those of you who have presented, or written a presentation, to share something technical THAT DID NOT RELATE to the topic of the presentation”. I’m glad to respond to this month’s blog topic. The main reason is, like Lisa, I want to encourage people to present and share their experiences. One of the best things happened to me as a result of presenting, and it was something that I needed.

A couple of years ago, the company I was at was planning a data center migration using distributed Availability Groups. My boss at the time, Rie Irish (b|t), encouraged me to get a SQL Saturday presentation together. At the time, one of my largest concerns as a DBA was that I was not familiar with Server Manager. I often felt like I didn’t belong as a DBA because I came from what I perceived as a non-conventional route.

For those of you data professionals that came to this profession from outside of IT, I understand you. I have a B.B.A. in Accounting, and when I started my career, I was in business operations. I was introduced MS Access, and I was mesmerized with databases. I eventually found that if I wanted real database action, I needed to work with technology with Microsoft SQL Server.

Fast forward to this presentation for distributed Availability Groups. Prior to this presentation, I barely used PowerShell, and I had no idea how to create VM. But thanks to the encouragement I received, I figured out how to build multiple VMs using PowerShell. I made Domain Controllers and all that jazz. Honestly, I think all the things I had to do to create distributed Availability Group really helped me build confidence I didn’t realize I was missing.

Now I accept that I don’t need to know everything about infrastructure and networking. I still want to learn. But I am comfortable with Server Manager, building VMs, and I have a passing understanding of Domain Controllers. But really, the best thing I learned is that I don’t have to know all the answers. What I love is automating database deployments and understanding how applications interact with databases. And that’s ok!

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