T-SQL Tuesday #123 – Improve Focus through Speech

It’s the second Tuesday of the month, and that means it’s time for T-SQL Tuesday. This month Jess Pomfret (b|t) asked us what we use as life hacks to make our lives easier. There are many different ways that I look to streamline my day-to-day tasks. Some of the methods I use include automating repetitive tasks or learning how to break up complex tasks into smaller components. However, over the past year I undertook a significant project outside of my day job. This project was something I decided to do after hours.

The objective of this opportunity was to write a book. When I initially started writing the book I began by typing everything I wanted to say. I quickly discovered that I was thinking of what I wanted to say faster than I could get the words written on the computer. I also remembered that over the past couple of years I have spent quite a bit of time speaking at SQL Saturdays and PASS Summit. When I’m speaking I often let the flow of what I’m trying to say come naturally. I decided to try that method while writing the book.

Once I purchased the dictation software and a wireless headset, I was able to more easily express the information that I wanted to share. I will say I have found that dictating still works differently than speaking. I often think more thoroughly through what I want to say and pause more frequently than I would if I were presenting in front of a group. I have found dictating what I want to write does reduce my frustration with trying to get the words out of my head and into text.

I’m still developing a method as to how I would like to dictate text for blog posts. One of the reasons I consider this a life pack for my purposes is dictating my blog posts helps me get in the right mindset where I am focused on the task at hand. If you’ve tried to get into technical writing or writing a blog post, I would recommend looking at alternative methods to accomplish that goal.

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