T-SQL Tuesday #122 – Am I Doing this Right?

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Jon Shaulis (b|t). The topic for month asks us to consider have we experienced imposter syndrome and if so, how did we work through those feelings. This imposter syndrome can be problematic. I’ve found this level of self-doubt is miserable. In that past I have struggled with imposter syndrome to the point that it has affected my confidence in my ability to do a good job.

Thankfully, #SqlFamily has been there for me. I’m not entirely certain if I would have given up without that support, but I do know I am thankful every day for those individuals that have helped me along the way. Rob Volk (b|t) first referred me to a presentation by a woman in IT. Unfortunately, I am unable to remember her name, but the name of the presentation was something like “Why I suck”.

While I’d love to say that presentation solved all of my problems, it didn’t right away. What it did teach me is that it was impossible for me to know everything, to have all the answers. The lesson was that there is too much information for any of us to know all of it. Because we are surrounded by the knowledge of what we know and don’t know, we are incapable of accurately determining how much knowledge we actually have as compared to the whole.

Either way, that was a beginning. The lesson didn’t sink in until I worked for Rie Irish (b|t) a while ago. I was on a team that believed in me and encouraged me. Even when I doubted myself. Each new challenge, I may have doubted myself. But each time I completed that task, I chipped away at all of the fear and self-doubt.

Over time I got to the point where I learned I could believe in myself. In general, the rest of my self-doubt mattered less and less. I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful. If you have questions or you are struggling with imposter syndrome reach out to me or to your data professional peers. You may find we have a very differeny opinion of your skills that you have yourself.

2 thoughts on “T-SQL Tuesday #122 – Am I Doing this Right?”

  1. Thank you for the stories and information on how you deal with Imposter Syndrome! Some of the folks you mentioned like Rie Irish and Rob Volk are definitely role models of mine, it sounds like they have definitely helped steer you in the right direction. Cheers to continually learning and investing in ourselves!


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